Temple Film

Collaborators Anna Downie + Caitlin Shannon

The Temple film evokes a contemplative moment between bees and humans.


It communicates that feeling many people have when they first go beekeeping: there’s a state of mind you enter when observing bees that is relaxed, yet focused. For a few minutes you’re not thinking about paying bills or those outstanding emails. Instead, you are absorbed in the world of the honeybee super-organism.


Every person in this film is a beekeeper and Honey Fingers Collective member. They are all comfortable around bees and happy to simply observe, admire and learn from a vital animal to our ecosystem and food webs.


Temple demonstrates that humans and honeybees can productively and safely live in the same space, in urban environments, allowing bees to provide their essential pollination role in urban gardens, urban forests, and the wilds of our urban ecologies.


A short film about honeybees + humans

Directed by → Anna Downie + → Caitlin Shannon

Soundtrack by → Max Shannon


Special thanks

Elliot Munn

Coco & Maximilian

Patrick Hamilton


Humans L – R:

Jad Choucair

Janelle Low

Anna Downie

Hephzibah Fraser

Megan Beattie

Marion Poynter

Serena Forte

Baris Agkoc

Caitlin Shannon