Temple Food

Collaborators Claudia Lau + Nic Dowse + Baris Agkoc + Anna Downie + Caitlin Shannon + Alex Margetic

Temple Food was a picnic and flower installation co-hosted by ceramic designer → Claudia Lau and beekeeper → Nic Dowse – for friends and bees – at the feet of Temple.


Claudia provided her hand thrown plates and cups and vases for the picnic spread. Nic’s bees provided the honeycomb. Baris brewed Turkish tea and poured filter coffee. Alex brought the red wine. Anna and Caitlin documented the installation. Everyone ate and the bees even shared the honeycomb.*


On bee food: bees forage for both nectar and pollen. We always love watching bees bring pollen into their hive in their → ‘pollen pants. And we love the Australian native flower → Billy Buttons (pycnosorus globosus). We think Billy Buttons look like big balls of pollen so we decided, after lunch, to make a little animation installing Billy Button flower heads onto the Temple. Many thanks to Anna and Caitlin for the shoot and edit x


Images - Claudia Lau + Nic Dowse

Animation - Anna Dowie + Caitlin Shannon


* Please don’t feed bees honey or comb unless you know exactly where the honey comes from and that it is disease free. Honey – especially imported honey that arrives in Australia from vague sources – can spread exotic bee diseases. This event was a controlled situation: the beekeeper was present, the honey was from a trusted source and the visiting bees from a known hive.